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Feb 11, 2009

..::"I FinaLLy Found SomeonE"::..

I finaLLy fOund sOmeone...

that knOcked mE off mY feeT,

the onE thaT madE mE feeL cOmpLete,
We starTed off aS friEnds,

it’s juSt fUnny, huh?

From thE simpLe thiGs tO thE bEst thiGs begAn,

This timE wAs diffErent,

anD it’s aLL bEcause of yOu..

It’s bEtter thaT it’s nEver bEen

caUse wE couLd taLk abOut iT

I FinaLLy fOund sOmeone

tO sharE my Life

anD tO bE evEryday caUse

WhatevEr i did it’s jUst goT to bE wiTh yOU..

mY lifE haD jUst bEgun

I FinaLLy fOUnd You!

You taUght mE abOut Life

anD whaT’s its aLL abOut

The pAin, thE sorrOw, thE haPPines
ThiGs thaT i oUght tO knOw

anD thiGs thaT i shOuLd noT knOw

thOse simpLe gUides you’vE toLd mE

thOse linEs yOu usEd tO say it kEpt mE goiG

i thAnk tO Lord fOr giviG mE thiS wOnderfuL gifT

i’ll treAsured it fOr a Lifetime

yOu..mY Dear…

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